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Dec 4, 2013 1:00pm EST
forward, not only the turnaround in the united states in the terms of the economy but the globe. the only thing that concerns me about the emerging markets is if the feds does start to taper back what is that going to do to those emerging markets and are they at more risk as a result of a fed pullback? >> any kind of rise in interest rate is going to kill in emerging markets. we've seen that so far. here's what i'm optimistic about. maybe an early budget deal, maybe obama care gets less messy. little optimistic maybe. maybe the economy gets better incrementally. here's the thing the thing is going to turn on. can janet yellen pull off the great deal, convince the world tapering is not tightening? does she have that power and influence? that's the wildcard. >> i don't think -- see i think the market will make that decision, because we've seen that with ben bernanke and the current fed. they've tried to say taper isn't tightening but the market is going to make that interpretation and that's going to be the struggle for the fed next year. >> the honeymoon will be very short, very short hone
Dec 2, 2013 1:00pm EST
something happens quick for the economy to catch up, i'm not necessarily agrees there's a crash, but a -- >> pullback. >> what would kill this rally is a sit spike in interest rates. >> we're over it. we had a global bond market sell-off today. >> by the way, mr. shiller, professor shiller may protest a little too much. he has this big theory about the stickily cal adjusted p.e. ratios, where he takes the prices by the average earnings. while it's high, he himself has had hits own index didn't consider the market to be overvalued. it's alternates high. this is his own index right now. >> the other issue is those who believe the market is propped up by the fed. that's been an issue for some time now, but it's gaining rather a lot of traction one an increasing number of people. because -- today there was an article in waerge, but how put the foot on the gas, and is there concern about fed policy and -- and people are becoming concerned. listen. at some point they have to pull the trigger and start to taper. when will it be? march? june? a year from now? that's what gets frustratin
Dec 6, 2013 1:00pm EST
, is the economy stronger than free money from the fed? and number three, can interest rates and stocks both rise together? jim and jeff are in chicago. okay. guys nice to see you first of all. >> hey, sue. >> is good news finally really good news? jim you first. >> yes, it is. unfortunately yesterday, i hadn't arrived at this conclusion but i've been convinced today it piz. good news is good news because the market realizes that we're washing liquidity probably at a point where more than we should be based on the economic condition but the fed is hamstrung and going to be difficult for them to walk back. the fed knows since the fed's hands are tied let's celebrate while we can. good news, as long as it doesn't get too hot, i hate to say goldie lock's people said before me, not too hot. >> all right. moderation in all things. what do you think, jeff? >> sue, certainly adding jobs to the u.s. economy is good news, but i'm going to disagree slightly to my friend mr. your rio here. we saw that underscored on the nonfarm payrolls, we saw it go to 293 and the pits all of a sudden started selling and t
Dec 9, 2013 1:00pm EST
with confidence. i like this, it's good for the economy, but it's not enough to say we're on the verge of a consumer breakout here. >> all right. but we're going in the right direction. >> exactly. >> watch mort again rates. something we're going to watch carefully. >> absolutely. thanks, steve. >>> the stock bond kumbaya comes amid the question what will a drop in fed stimulus mean for stocks. is the economy strong enough to support the market without fed help? jpmorgan's chief strategist tom lee weighed in on that on "squawk box." >> i think a few weeks ago investors would have been pretty concerned about the idea of taper because i don't think the data gave them economy was at a skate philosophy. friday's job report and some of the ones we've had recently investors are getting comfortable if it does happen in december. >> and mr. lee also said he is bullish on financials and large cap tech stocks. >> that brings us to seema moody. she is reporting on stocks that didn't fare so well in 2013. the big question here is, are they poised to take off in 2014 from dogs to stars? naming some
Dec 5, 2013 1:00pm EST
it actually reflects producers' confidence in the economy and that demand is getting better p zmo erbette. >> and that demand will follow. david, what does this say about the economies and the taper, if that happens, over the past week or so? obviously it's been a great year, but the past five days have been not so great. what's the market telling you? >> well, this is really consistent with the consolidation and small pullbacks we've seen over the last few months. really we think this will be short-lived and we look forward to a year-end rally and another strong year in 2014. >> so what do you think the market is reacting to? just the fact that prices had run up so far and people want to get some money off the table and take some profits? is it, as joe was saying off camera, a taper tantrum or what. >> i think to call it a tantrum is a little strong. you're seeing markets just a couple percentage points off their highs. so this is more has to do with the market digesting the recent gains and also expecting some tapering in 2014. but we don't think it's going to be severe, and we think th
Dec 3, 2013 1:00pm EST
has better economies of scale than google. they could be a major player here. what i expect them to do is drive even further commoditization in cloud computing. the others are going to have to figure out how to do services on top to make it profitable. >> they'll make money charging companies for operating a cloud server for them, right? >> absolutely. they're going to drop the prices on that. >> we talked a little a minute ago about tablets. idc saying pc shipments will shrink more than expected in 2013. they were down 4% last year. this year they're saying 10%. it's not as though we don't look around this room, everybody's got a desk top. most people have a laptop. but what's selling now are tablets. >> people aren't buying a lot of new pcs. 10.1% the most it's ever been down, down to 2008 levels they're projecting. they're hopeful that the losses will stabilize once these two and one pcs come out. that's kind of wishful thinking. better tablets come out they might continue to buy those. >> all about the mobility. sue? >> gentlemen, let's get the trading action here because it's a do
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6